Harvest Moon Beta Page
When looking for compressed graphics (listed in HME 4.0), I found a few interesting things that I never saw while playing. Searching on-line turned up no information on these whatsoever. That said, I can only conclude that these were not actually used in the released game. I am guessing that these most likely scrolled under the credits in a beta version of the game (mind you, that is a guess based on logic, not code).

I have absolutely no clue of how to unlock/re-enable these, though hopefully it'll be figured out in the future. In the meantime, enjoy the start of the Harvest Moon Beta Page. With luck, more beta content will be found/added at a later date.

FYI- Want to see these for yourself? HME 4.0 can decompress the graphics and give you the correct palette if you go through the list. Keep in mind that:
Rough Translation: "Perfect Nearness" . . . "Perfection" . . . "Perfect Catch"
The Picture: You're holding a fish in front of you with all the females of the game standing behind you (Ellen looks more like a guy now than ever... Actually, she looks a little like Eric Cartman). Not 100% sure which translation to use, so my guess (based only on the goal of the game and not any knowledge of Japanese) is "Perfect Rancher".
Rough Translation: Shhh.... There's nothing to translate. Can't you see that our farmer's trying to get some shut eye?
The Picture: It's not easy being green... thumbed.
Rough Translation: "Hey, wait a minute Shachihiko Sesshuu."
WTF: MON wasn't positive on the italicized part, but thought it was a name. Since he couldn't find the name on google.com though, he gave the literal kanji meanings: "killer whale boy snow ship"?! To that, I can only say that Japanese people kick ass.
The Picture: Our farmer's sitting on a fence next to a female who is holding a farming tool acrossed her lap. If I had to guess (and I do), I'd guess that this is your female counterpart. In many of the other Harvest Moon games, you can play as a boy or a girl. This is probably that girl. Don't get your hopes up though... There are no sprites for a female farmer in the game, so it seems that this picture is the only appearance of your female counterpart in the entire game (beta or not).
Rough Translation: "Yo, ho!"
The Picture: Excited to be singing and dancing for a game well played.
*Thanks to MathOnNapkins for giving an idea of what these pictures are trying to tell us.