Other Projects

Other projects that don't have their own web page. Some are obsolete. Some are tools I made to help myself with other projects. Some were intended to be huge projects. Some were never originally meant for anyone but me.

With the exception of Gears, you'll find most of these without help files. If any of these projects make an impression on you, let me know. I may be willing to continue them or create a help file.
(NO IMAGE) Project: TLP Fix
Version: 2.00
Progress: Finished?
Description: Kejardon started this. Normally, TLP ignores the first $200 bytes of any SNES compatible graphic file you load into it (ie- assumes you are using a header). When working with GFX and BIN files, this means you can't edit quite a few tiles. Kejardon's fix forces TLP to recognize your entire file (thus making it so you can edit all the tiles).

I got annoyed at having to click "All files" each time I opened a *.BIN or *.GFX file (common extensions when working with decompressed graphics). That said, I added these two extensions to the list of "All Supported Types" so they appear by default. Only "bad" part is that "All Supported Files" is now read as "Known".

This is an IPS you apply directly to TLP.
NoChaos Project: NoChaos
Version: ?.??
Progress: Coma.
Description: Controlled corruption with a mini-hex editor. Use patterns, exact values, whatever you need to find your data. NoChaos has two types of users: Those you complain that it doesn't work and those who love how powerful it is.
(NO IMAGE) Project: Gears
Version: 0.00
Progress: Dead.
Description: Chrono Trigger editor, mainly for statistics. Has a text "helper" (doesn't edit the ROM) that changes what you type into the hex for pretty decent compression. Includes a "shop keeper" by Frieza.

This is very outdated and far less capable than Temporal Flux. Use that instead, unless your computer can't meet TF's requirements. If that's the case, Gears will assist you in making a fairly involved game.
(NO IMAGE) Project: 65816 Buddy
Version: ?.??
Progress: Dead
Description: 65816 reference window that stays on top for quick glances. A few descriptions are wrong, but still a big time saver.
(NO IMAGE) Project: Bank Buddy
Version: ?.??
Progress: Dead
Description: Copy a bank from one ROM into another. Useful if you've royally screwed up a bank and don't feel like scrapping the whole project.
(NO IMAGE) Project: TRASM Frontend
Version: ?.??
Progress: Dead
Description: Frontend for the command line assembler "trasm". Place it in the same folder (path must not have spaces in it).
(NO IMAGE) Project: Sprite Table Assembler
Version: ?.??
Progress: Coma
Description: Tell the program how you want your sprites positioned and it will give you the sprite table in ASM (trasm) format. Big time saver if you can figure out how to use the program. Made for myself, but I may advance it at some point.