Super Metroid Vomit Page!

Project Name: Vomit
Current Version: 3
Progress: Existing
Description: Common glitches people encounter when editing the game. More importantly, the solutions to fix those problems if they happen to you.
After leaving certain areas (Kraid's room, Ceres, etc...) you get disco-styled vomit all over the place. Disabling various layers in your emulator, you'll see that scenery and background may be correct still, but everything else is messed up. This especially affects CRE graphics (the ones usually located near the top of SMILE's graphic sheets.

This can usually be fixed by going into Room Properties and changing Unknown4 from 00 to 02 (in whatever room the bug is first seen).
Tiles line up incorrectly after passing through a door.

Door tiles need to be *exactly* on the edge of the screen as you go through them. If they're not, this bug happens. The door needs to be placed on the edge of the screen... If there's a screen behind the door, it should be non-scrolling... If you're in a room without default scrolling, give it default scrolling and change the scroll. Doors going up/down sometimes need to be ON a blue or a green scroll (switch accordingly).
Trying to place different enemies in a room leads to garbled graphics or (sometimes) freezing.

Open up the enemy editor and make sure that the enemy is on the "allowed enemies" list. Space Pirates are a special case... Even if they're on the list, they may still be garbled. To fix that problem, you need to set Unknown1 to 0004. There are other cases like this. If an enemy doesn't work, check the properties of the same species in another room where it does work.