Super Metroid!

Editors, edits, and a little bit of information about one of the best console games ever.
SMILE Project: SMILE (Super Metroid Integrated Level Editor)
Version: Parlor - Waffle (Source Code included)
Progress: Open Sourced and Squashed
Description: An editor for Super Metroid coded in VB with some C dll's.

This was a transitional release. Incomplete, but as stable as SMILE ever gets. Had more things planned, but I get frustrated whenever I become motivated and a handful of people felt the need to beg, scold, and steal. SMILE is unfinished, but I will not be finishing it. SMILE is open sourced now. I would have released the source code over a year ago, but due to begging and stealing I've held onto it until now (as at least the begging has stopped). I might host copies of publicly released versions of SMILE, but will not guarantee that they are up to date. Despite the circumstances by which I am release the source, I do hope it will be worked on in earnest and progress swiftly.

Please redirect all support questions to whomever is in charge of the specific release.
Kejardon's Documents Project: Kejardon's Documents
Description: A collection of documentation, mostly by Kejardon. ASM samples, disassemblies of game features, RAM map, etc... Very useful stuff.
Metroid Mini's Project: Mini-hacks
Version: ?.??
Progress: Dead
Description: Various mini-hacks I made to test SMILE (ie- they are not polished, complete, or well made in some cases). Where there are bugs, I've left them in (even though I can fix them now). I've done this to show where Super Metroid hacking knowledge used to be. Unless otherwise specified, most of these patches are for a headered rom.

Metroid Test - Bug suit.
Metroid Vacation - Samus is on vacation!
Arena - Difficult. Play until Kraid.
Arena 2 - A boss rush.
Arena 7 - The most involved Arena.
Ceres - Only ceres, but it has stuff inside.
Enemy Scroll - Auto-scrolling test.
Titanic Ceres Arena - Have fun escaping Ceres.
Tubes - Transportation tubes.
SABS Project: SABS (Samus Aran's Beauty Salon)
Version: 1.00
Progress: Dead
Description: The first editor for Super Metroid. SMILE does everything SABS does and more. I only have SABS here for nostalgia purposes.
Vomit Project: Vomit
Version: 3.00
Progress: On going
Description: Screenshots of various glitches that are often found while editing Super Metroid (and solutions).

I plan on adding more to this page later. If you have some unexplained glitches, please report them.