Harvest Moon!

Harvest Moon (SNES) is a great simulation style game. It was the first game I came up with a serious editor for and I have recently made a huge update to the editor. I plan on using the editor (and some ASM'ing) to do some other releases fairly soon.
HME Project: HME (Harvest Moon Editor)
Version: 4.01 (11-13-08)
Progress: Jumping
Description: An editor for Harvest Moon (SNES). Most levels can be edited. Starting positions for most characters can be as well. Text editing is quite extensive, including automatic pointer adjustment and text moving. Compressed graphics can be exported, edited with your tile editor, then imported back into the game.

4.0 was a HUGE jump forward compared to the previous release, yet I still would like to add some more stuff to "fill in the gaps" at some point, possibly before New Year's. Ironically, I forgot a bunch of files that were meant to be included, so 4.01 takes care of that.
Project: Harvest Moon Beta Page
Version: 1.0
Progress: Cancelled (by Natsume)
Description: Most games have things in them that don't make it into the final release. Whether unfinished due to time restraints, or taken out due to bugs... Here are a few beta surprizes that have been discovered in Harvest Moon. With luck, I'll be able to add to this category in the future.
HME Project: Harvest Moon Legends
Version: 0.00
Progress: Dreaming
Description: Imagine turning Harvest Moon into an actual RPG . . . Death and plots.
(NO IMAGE) Project: Harvest Moon Teasers
Version: 0.00
Progress: Teasing
Description: Teaser page for an upcoming and unnamed edit.
(NO IMAGE) Project: Other Peoples Hacks
Version: ?.??
Progress: Dead
Description: HMR, HMM, and HMT patches that other people sent to me to post a long time in the past. Not sure who made them anymore, but credit still goes out to them. Mostly level changes, though a few graphic changes may have been done.